We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open." ~ Jawaharlal Nehru

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Everything from the Dentist to Santa :)

Uh oh! I did it again! I let six weeks slip on by without keeping my blog up to date! I never was that great at keeping a journal, so I guess I can understand where this is coming from, but really? Come on, Christi, get a hold of yourself, you have room for improvement but at least you are trying! J Maybe I will be better the six weeks since Roland is off from school . . . probably not; I am such a slacker sometimes! Good thing that Abby and Roland still love me even if I am bad at keeping up with our family blog!  Let me see, what has happened to us in the last six weeks . . .

41 Weeks
Abby had her very first dentist appointment. Abby did great and didn’t bite the dentist (too much!) Roland’s dad told us that sometime between getting her first tooth and her first birthday we should set up an appointment and then have one every six months (just like the rest of us should). Abby’s teeth are looking great and her dentist is looking forward to seeing her again in six months! I am glad that we have started at such a young age to start bringing her to the dentist; this way the dentist will never be a bad or scary place because she has been there before!

This was the week of Abby’s cousin, Ethan’s first birthday. Our family really missed both Ethan and his sister, Emily, a lot this week! I can’t believe that he would have been a year old already! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be an Aunt to these beautiful spirits; they bring such joy and happiness to our family! This week I was especially grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and peace that it has brought into my life. I have faith in the Lord and His timing of all things. He has a full and complete understanding of all things. In the end, all will be right and we will all understand, but until then, I have faith in Him!
Our happy little girl is always on the move . . . she has two speeds: fast and warp speed! (Sorry, I have been corrupted by my Star Treck fan of a husband!)
42 Weeks
I was having one of those stomach bug things this week so my wonderful husband took over the parenting and let me regain my strength! He really is my hero! On the worst day (it probably was just one of those 48 hour things) he told me to go take a nap while he watched Abby. When he woke me up, he brought in some soup and a book for me to read so I could continue to relax . . . while I did that, he fed, bathed and put to bed our little girl! He is so good to us!

Abby has started to confidently walk if you are holding her hand. Probably my favorite moment of this week was just watching our little girl hold her daddy’s hand while walking down the hallway! They are so cute together, I am glad that I am blessed to call them mine!

Abby found the bread machine that I keep under the kitchen sink. She thinks it is the coolest thing in the whole wide world to play with, I think part of it is because she can crawl into the cupboard with it without getting stuck! This week she kept on pointing at it and looking up at me like she was trying to say, “Mom, can we make bread?” I had to laugh because I do make homemade bread about once a week, only I make it from scratch and do all of the kneading and rising myself. Two reasons: I have the time and I have the talent of making really good homemade bread!
Happy Thanksgiving from our little turkey! :)
43 Weeks
Happy Thanksgiving week! It was a really good week to be my cousin! I had one cousin get engaged this week and another cousin get married this week! I am so happy for both of them! Both of my cousins are getting married/have gotten married to two wonderful young men!

We spent Thanksgiving with my family and we were able to help put on a wonderful feast for my grandma! She loved it and loved having everyone around! I was able to spend a little extra time with Grandma this week because my aunt and uncle were in Arizona with their daughter who got married! Abby and I stayed with grandma until my uncle was home again! My grandma is always amazed at how much Abby has grown since the last time she saw her and is always interested in all of the new things that Abby can do now! J

Fun adventure: I got locked out of the house and had to wait for about an hour or so until Roland came home to let us in. Lucky for Abby and I, my mom was still there and she was able to take us to Target so we didn’t have to stand in the hallway and be bored! The funny thing was that I had thought that I had left my keys in the car so I had Roland leave a key out for me so we could get into the house. Only problem was that he left the mail key instead of the house key on accident! Then to top it off, turns out, I had had my keys with me all along, I just didn’t check the right bag! Oops!

Sad thing about this week was that my head cold from the sudden weather change turned into a nasty sinus infection! Yuck! My doctor took one look at me and said, “Boy, you don’t look that great!” then gave me some good stuff that knocked it out of my system! Lucky for Abby and I, Roland had the day off so he could let me regain my strength and take me up to the doctors! What a great guy I have here, he is a keeper!
Abby has learned how to play "Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man"! This is a picture of her "marking it with a B!" :)
44 Weeks
We put up our Christmas tree with the lights but left the ordainments off it. We have been told that we shouldn’t be surprised if Abby pulls it over onto herself a couple times before learning to leave it alone … only thing is, we have a weird kid, who could care less if we put it up or not! She has no more than gently touched one of the branches a couple times just to see what it feels like, and then has left it completely alone! What a little angel she is!

Abby took her very first steps all by herself this week! Roland has been saying for the past six months that he really wants to be home when she finally makes this milestone and he was! He couldn’t be prouder of our little girl! Maybe she will be walking with confidence by Christmas … and running by her birthday (oh no!)!

We had our first Sunday back in our new chapel! It feels so good to be in a chapel again for church! This also meant that I was back in my calling again as Nursery leader. In our church babies stay with their parents until they enter Nursery at 18-months-old, but since I am the leader in the Nursery, Abby can come in early because I am there! It is only about 7 months early, but there is only one other little girl who just turned 18-months-old this week so the two of them love playing together! I love being able to teach my daughter about our Heavenly Father and Jesus! One of these days she is going to look at a picture of Jesus and say, “Jesus!” And I will cry! Tears of pure joy that I am doing something right! J
Abby: What's that, Mom? You want me to hold still? Here is my two seconds of holding still for you! I will even be nice and hold the number for you!

Isn't she a sweetheart?
45 Weeks
This week Roland took an extra day off so we could go up to the temple with my parents who are now temple workers! I am so grateful to be able to go to the temple, it was a dearly needed spiritual reboot for both Roland and I! It was amazing also to be able to go on a date just the two of us! We really don’t get to do that too often and going to a temple session was pretty much my favorite date night ever! My mom and dad were also able to get Abby girl to sleep, so that means that we can do it again! Yay!

Roland and I also took Abby to the Mall of America … she was a little amazed at all of the amusement rides; someday when she is older she will be able to go on them! We were going to take her in the aquarium but we took too long trying to finish up our Christmas shopping (and it turned out we could only get one thing on our list from the mall!) We will take her some other time, because she loves the water!

We took Abby swimming in the swimming pool but she didn’t really like how cold it was; she preferred the warm bath that we gave her afterwards. Well, she liked it up until the point she thought that the bar of soap was something to chew on … she doesn’t like getting her mouth washed out! Poor baby!
Abby, why are you so happy this week? (Clapping for joy!) Oh, I know! It must be because Uncle Sam came home this week! She is looking forward to meeting him in a couple of weeks!
46 Weeks
This past week was Roland’s last week of school! Starting yesterday is his finals week, at the end of the week the semester will be all over and we can celebrate with Christmas! Yay! Next week is going to be so much fun, but I will save that for another post, I still haven’t talked about this week!

Abby visited with Santa, and because she has absolutely no fear of strangers, she just looked up at him with tired eyes! She was pretty happy about being able to ring his bells too!

Roland watched Abby for the night so I could go and help out at Young Woman’s career night! I was able to tell them how rewarding it was being a CNA! Some days I really miss being able to serve others by working outside my home as a CNA, but nothing is more important than raising our beautiful baby girl into the beautiful young woman she will someday become! I really have been blessed to have my lot in life!

Abby loves it when I take her to the library to play in the kid’s section! This week when we went she was trying to keep up with a couple of the big kids and she even took a few steps towards them before getting down to the floor to crawl after them! She now can take five steps on her own before she gets too excited and lowers herself to the floor! She really is growing up so very fast, I hope that I can capture each moment and treasure it forever!

Abby also figured out how to take off and put back on a lid on a lotion bottle that had a screw on lid! She really is amazing! We are so very blessed to have this smart little girl who is always trying to figure out how the world works around her! She is our little problem solver! J
Look at that excited face, and she doesn't even know yet that Christmas is the best time of the year! :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Last Six Weeks

So, I think that six weeks behind requires me to do an update! Maybe I will actually stick to it this time and it won’t be another couple weeks before I write again! Let’s see what all has happen in the last six weeks? Six weeks makes a huge difference in a baby’s life, and these six weeks have been pretty exciting for our family! I am just going to list some of the fun things we have been up to for the past little while!

Week 35:
Abby started taking an interest in her books and now her books are one of her favorite toys to play with, along with her dolly and her shoes . . . oh and any form of technology!

Abby got her very first scrap! She was helping me with the laundry (interestingly enough she was only pulling out her clothes and leaving mine and Roland’s in the basket) and she scraped her nose on the edge of the basket! She cried a little bit but Roland stopped the little bit of bleeding which made everything all better! Daddy is our hero!

Abby’s beautiful cousin, Emily, lived one beautiful week before completing her journey in this world and returned to our Heavenly Father and will wait in His arms with her big brother, Ethan, until Nicole and Joseph can join them. I know that we will have the opportunity to see these little ones grow up and Nicole will have her babies again in her arms! What comfort and joy does God’s plan bring to us when we have faith in Him! This is a quote that brought me great comfort during this time: "Despite the changes which come into our lives and with gratitude in our hearts, may we fill our days—as much as we can—with those things which matter most. May we cherish those we hold dear and express our love to them in word and in deed." ~PRESIDENT THOMAS S. MONSON. I look forward to the great day that we will all be together again and there will be no more tears of sorrow, only tears of joy and everlasting peace!

Abby and I spent the week down visiting with my Grandma Jefferson while my aunt and uncle were out of town. We went to visit my other set of grandparents and to a doctor’s appointment in Marshfield with my grandma! We had a blast! Abby at 8 months was 28.5 inches long and weighs 16 lbs. 12 oz.! Her heart sounded great so there is no need for any follow up ...ever! Boy was Roland and I relieved that her heart murmur really was nothing to worry about, just her heart beating to a little bit of a different beat! J Before going up to the doctor’s appointment, Abby and I had to stop by our apartment and get the keys out of the car because Roland had locked his set in the car! Silly daddy!
Abby and I are having fun with Grandma Great this week! Their is LOTS of crunchy leaves down here!
Week 36:
One of the coolest things in the world happened while visiting with my grandma; we were able to watch general conference! There were a couple pretty AWESOME announcements made this conference! The first one was about a couple new temples being built and one is going to be in Arequipa, Peru! That is where Roland served his mission! He was ecstatic! The other big announcement was that the mission age has been lowered! Now boys can go at age 18 (as long as they have graduated from high school) and girls can go at age 19! What a big and exciting change! J

Abby finally found a good reason to have pacifiers . . . they make excellent teethers! Yep! That is right, Abby is getting teeth! She is of the opinion that you either do things big or not at all . . . she has spent the past month teething one tooth a week! I loved her toothless smile, but her toothy little grin is so adorable!
With such a cheerful smile on her face, you would have never know that she was feeling quite crummy earlier this morning! I guess she finally realized that she was home with daddy again!
Week 37:
Abby started meats . . . and loves them (obviously she doesn’t think they smell disgusting like Roland and I do!) We again are thanking our lucky stars for not having a picky eater! She started with chicken, then turkey, and  beef! She can’t get enough of them! I mix in some sort of veggie with them so it doesn’t smell so bad to me!

We bought Abby a high chair and now meal times go so much more smoothly! She absolutely loves her high chair and now whenever she is hungry she just goes over to the chair that it is connected to and pulls herself up to let us know that it is time to eat! What a smart little girl!
Abby is super happy now that her first tooth has finished cutting through, she just can't sit still! :)
Week 38:
Abby gave me quite the scare! Two days after her first tooth finished cutting through, she slipped in the bathtub and hit her mouth on the tub. She started bleeding and I couldn’t see her tooth anymore! I called my father-in-law up in panic and he assured me that everything would be okay. The tooth is still there and within the week everything will be back to normal. I am so glad that I have a dentist that I can call up at any time of the day! The next morning, just like my father-in-law said, everything was back to normal! Her gums had just swelled up a little and that is why I couldn’t see her tooth! I am so glad that everything turned out okay! J

It really was the week of getting into trouble for Abby! She got into the one cupboard that I hadn’t baby proofed and ended up getting into some dishwasher cleaner  . . .  so we ended up calling poison control before 7:30 in the morning! Lucky for us, she was fine and nothing bad happened! Needless to say, I finished baby proofing that cupboard before 7:30 also!

To top everything off . . . Abby ended up being the first person to give me a bloody nose! She wanted to wake me up and decided that the best way would be to wake me up would be to stick her figure all the way up my nose! It worked . . . I woke up! Good thing she is super cute!
If you look close, you can see the new additions to my pretty smile . . . TEETH! Daddy had to stop calling me toothless now! :)
Week 39:
Roland and I must be doing something right: whenever Abby hears one of us say, "I love you!" as we are getting off the phone, she will look up at us and say, "Mama?" (if it is Roland on the phone) or "Dada?" (if it is myself)! She is so cute!

Abby and I went down to visit my parents to help celebrate my dad’s sixtieth birthday! We surprise Dad by coming! He had just thought that Katie was going to be there, but Vicki and I (and Abby) surprised him by joining the party! Abby went on her very first hayride in her brand new pink winter coat with matching boots! She was so cute, as always! The only thing better than having my dad as a dad is my daughter having him as a grandpa!
Check out this NINE-MONTH-OLD who is super excited to wish you a very Happy Holloween! :)
Week 40:
Abby learned how to crawl up the stairs that are out in the hallway in our apartment building. I had been putting her down and letting her try climbing up the stairs every time that I did laundry for about a month . . . and one day, she did it! We are so proud of her!

Abby likes using random things, like thermometers, as a conductor’s baton! She is going to do something with music when she grows up! Whenever I have music on she always dances to it or tries to sing along or conduct the music like a band teacher! She has music in her blood!

Abby also had her very first bubble bath . . . and now she doesn’t think there is a better way to have a bath than with a bunch of bubbles! BUBBLE TROUBLE!

My parents took Abby and I on a little road trip up to the temple! It had been such a long time since I ad went, and it was just what I needed! My mom watched Abby while I was in the temple! I am so grateful that we live close enough to go to the temple, and that my family is willing to help with Abby so I can attend! What could be better than that?

Abby had her nine month old check-up and she is now 18 pounds 8 ounces and is 28.5 inches long! She is growing up so fast! I am still having a hard time believing that she is nine months old already! She has officially been alive outside of the womb longer than she was in it! Time sure has flown by!
We went for a little green since it snowed! :)
Well, that is what has been happening in our lives for the past six weeks . . . Roland is still working hard at school and at work! We are so proud of him and grateful for all he is willing to do for us! He really is our superman, my hero!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Cousin and Cruising Abby

Have I mentioned yet that Abby is cruising? Remember how a couple weeks ago I said that she had pulled herself up and she had just mastered crawling? Now she is cruising along and climbing over things! Next thing I know, she is going to be pushing things over to help her climb up onto things! Bing a stay at home mom really is a full time job plus overtime! I might not get paid in real money (only Monopoly) and I don’t get real vacation time or weekends off, but with all of the smiles and hugs and kisses that I get, I get paid better than anyone else in the world!

I was pretty excited that I could go to the Relief Society Enrichment Activity this week! Roland had the night off, so I carpooled with another sister from the branch and was able to have some ADULT FEMALE conversation without a baby on my hip! It was AMAZING to have some me time, but kind of weird not to have her with me!  When I came back home, I arrived to a somewhat clean house (no worse than I left it), dinner made, a husband doing homework, and a sleeping baby! What a great husband I have!

On Friday, September 21, our family grew just a little bigger; Emily Evelyn Huckbody was born at 7:20 AM! Emily was 5 lbs. 14 oz. 16 inches long. What a little miracle baby she is and a blessing to us all! I am so proud to be her aunt! Roland’s sister, Nicole, and her husband, Joseph, are amazing people and wonderful parents! It was a very complicated pregnancy and we weren’t sure if she would make it to birth alive, but she is a fighter! We don’t know how long we have with little Emily, but we are going to live life to the fullest and appreciate each and every moment that we have with her! Emily is pretty much the cutest thing ever and I am so glad that she is part of our family! J

One morning this week I went in to check on Abby and I found her sleeping … on her stomach … on top of her blanket … with her head where her feet should be! Has my silly girl figured out how to fall back asleep on her own? I guess only time will tell! Wish us luck!

I think Sunday just might have been one of the hardest days of my entire life … Abby thought it was time to get up and play at 4:30 in the morning! That wouldn’t be the end of the world, if church wasn’t right at the time that Abby usually takes her morning nap! Let me just say, it was interesting and I am so glad that Roland didn’t have to work until AFTER church so he could take over! I was able to get Abby to take an afternoon nap, so it wasn’t a totally horrible day, because when Abby is sleeping, I can sleep!

A happy baby fabric in honor of Abby's new cousin Emily who was born on Friday! :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fun With Daddy

This week I learned something new … if you are going to lock your keys in your car, then make sure you lock them in your car while you are in Wisconsin Rapids! The police department will unlock your car for FREE and save you from having to call of locksmith and pay for them to do it!

Also this week, Abby was having fun playing with her daddy and then he had to go to school. He said goodbye to her and then left. Not even a minute later, Abby was at the front door, hitting it, and crying for her daddy to come back! When I tried to have her come to me so I could distract her, she took one look at me and turned back to the door and pouted some more! I determined that someone needed a nap, because Daddy wasn’t going to be coming home for another couple hours! Lucky for me, she agreed to the nap idea! Roland thought it was pretty funny that she missed him!

Abby loves her daddy so much! One day this week, Abby escaped from me after I had dried her off from her bath, but not put a diaper on and she B-lined for her daddy who was grading some papers. I got to her before any messes were made, but as soon as the diaper and sleeper were on, she was back at him and pulling on his pants leg like she was trying to say, “Daddy, let me help!” Roland’s mom and dad say that they remember when Roland was Abby’s age and doing that to his dad too! I guess it must run in the family!

Roland and I took Abby on Saturday to lots of different community events!  First we went to the Farmer's Market, then the annual Arts in the Park, and then we finished up by going to Dozynki Harvest Fest! We had so much fun and Abby had a blast! We are going to have to make a habit of doing this kind of things! At the Farmer’s Market there were lots of venders that were selling some fresh cut flowers along with the fresh fruits and vegetables. Due the all of the flowers, the bees of the whole entire county decided to come check things out, too! One of the venders had a sign up by their flowers saying, “The bee is free. No refund for the sting!” Abby had fun dancing to the polka music with her daddy at Dozynki. I love watching Roland with our daughter; it is fun to see how he tries to help her explore this big world!

So, this week I did bake something, and my helper helped by pouting again! I made some Apple Crisp! I had to call Roland’s mom to find out what type of apples to buy, and this time I used Roland’s sister, Nicole’s, recipe (or something close to it)! Last time I tried to make Apple Crisp, I used the wrong pan and the recipe I used only called for a light sprinkling of crisp topping … it was pretty disappointing! This time, I redeemed myself! Roland said it was perfect! I kept on telling Abby while I was making it that she might not realize it now, but someday she will come home from school and say, “Yay! Mom made Apple Crisp!” Sadly, that day was not today!

It is officailly FALL! Abby is looking forward to those crunchy leaves that her mommy has been telling her all about! :)

Pulling Up . . . Soon to be ON THE MOVE!

Did I mention that last week Tuesday was the first time that Abby pulled herself up to a standing position?  Yep, she just figured out how to crawl and now she wants to walk! Boy, do I have my work cut out for me or what? With both of Abby’s parents figuring out how to walk around 10 months old . . . I just might have a toddler on my hands before I know it! J

This week Abby and I did some baking!  Roland had mentioned (not complained) that I hadn’t really baked anything for a while and hinted that if I somehow could manage it, he would love for me to do it again! J So, I took the hint! Abby helped me bake some oatmeal raison cookies (she was playing at my feet the whole time with some old measuring spoons) then she took a long nap so I could bake some banana bread! Roland came home saying that he could smell something yummy as he was coming down the hall! What a great guy I have there! My baking adventure went so well that day, so I decided that I would save us a few pennies and bake some homemade bread … well, let’s just say that pretty much the whole time Abby was sitting at my feet pouting because she didn’t want Mommy to bake bread, she wanted Mommy to hold her and play with her! Someday Abby will appreciate it that I bake homemade bread for her! J

Roland has started back up with school and Abby and I are starting to get used to his new schedule.  I took Abby down to visit my parents  one of the days that he was gone all day long! Abby had fun with Grandma and Grandpa! They had fun seeing her again and not being completely empty nested, even if it was just for a couple of hours! While visiting with Grandma and Grandpa, Abby had her first taste of “real” food! I gave her a taste of the cooked green beans that I had on my plate, and she was puzzled at first, but then she just chewed it all us and was looking for more! What a big girl she is becoming!

Another thing we discovered this week was that Abby is just as ticklish as her mommy is, and daddy loves it! I think she likes it too, after all, she keeps on laughing and giggling and smiling these great big smiles while pulling on her daddy’s hair! Yep, I taught her well, you can let them tickle you, but you pay them back by pulling their hair or something like that! J

Abby just can't help but smile when her Daddy is around! She sure has become a daddy's little girl, she even cries sometimes when he has to go to school or work . . . it is so cute how much she loves that guy! :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Update on Abby #2

Okay, here is the rest of the “what is new” with Abby (and her Mommy and Daddy)!

Week 29:
·         Abby pushed herself up from her belly to a sitting position this week.
·         Abby has started to blow raspberries, which is super cute, except when she has a mouth full of carrots! Needless to say, dinner time ended early that night!
·         Abby also has started to really want to try to eat just about anything that she sees Roland and I eating. One day this week I had made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I had for some reason had set it down just for a few seconds to quick do something before finishing it, and when I turned back, she had pulled it down from where I had put it, had it in her lap with her hands full of the peanut butter and jelly on their way up to her mouth ... don’t worry, I got to her in time and washed her hands off so we don’t have to worry about finding out if she is allergic to it … yet! I better keep both my eyes on her at ALL TIMES!
·         One of Roland’s coworkers had a family emergency, so he picked up an extra weekend and ended up working NINE days in a row! By the end, Abby and I were starting to really miss him! J 
Daisies are my mommy's favorite flower, so in honor for Mommy and Daddy's second wedding anniversary (one week late) I am looking adorable with some daisies! :)
Week 30:
·         Roland finished up his nine day stretch at work and had a 4 day weekend, so we did something really exciting! We went to visit Roland’s parents in Valentine, Nebraska! It was great to be able to see his Mom and Dad again, and to have Abby finally meet two of Roland’s siblings, her Aunt Faith and Uncle Jed! Now, all Abby has to do is wait until Christmas, and then she will meet her Uncle Sam who is serving a mission for our church in California!
·         Abby also had her first really crawling steps this weekend, a little in my parents’ bath tub for my mom to see, and again at Roland’s parents’ church building for both Roland and I to see! She was doing a lot of scooting around on Roland’s parents’ hard wood floors! Mostly army crawling and pulling herself forward with her arms and letting her legs slip and slide!
·         We introduced Abby to Sweet Potatoes and I think they are her new favorite food . . . she downs them in no time flat and refuses to eat anything after them in a meal, just more Sweet Potatoes!
Abby is studying (the circle) just like her daddy will be doing next week (when school starts back up)!
Week 31:
·         Roland had another 4 day weekend this week, so on Friday Roland took Abby and I to campus so he could get his books and figure out where all of his classes are before they start on Tuesday! Walking around on campus made me a little “school sick”, but Roland reminded me that I am doing the best thing in the whole entire world; I am being a full time mom to our beautiful baby girl! He is so sweet! Someday, when he is done with school and our kids have started school, I will go back to school! J
·         Saturday, we took Abby down to Madison to check out the Apple Store at West Towne Mall. We had to get my computer checked out and compare the price of iPads. Here is the verdict on my computer: the bad news is that there is something wrong with the hard drive and they couldn’t just transfer the information off of it to something else, but the good news is that the information is still there, we just need to send the drive into a drive retrieval place! Yay! We calculated it out, and it turns out for Roland with his employee discount, it was less expensive to by his new iPad at Target. He is going to be using it as a notebook this year at school.
·         On Sunday, Abby took us over to UW-Oshkosh to help move Vicki into her dorm! Vicki is super excited about being able to go to college! She is going to be great! Katie gave Abby a tour of campus while the rest of us helped Vicki unpack. Katie is trying to convince Abby to go to UW-Oshkosh too (just like she did, and now Vicki is doing)! Who knows what she will decide to do 18 years from now! J
·         Abby really has started to move . . . that’s right, she is crawling! She was taking a few steps up on her knees and then plopping down to army crawl to where she wants to go, but now she has gained her confidence and is moving as fast as she can on both carpet and hard wood floors! Look out world, here she comes!
·         We introduced Abby to Apricots and Squash this week and she loves them! J
·         Today is Roland’s first day of school of his third year of college! He is looking forward to getting back to school and working more towards becoming a pharmacist! 

Today is my daddy's first day back to school! Go Pointers I am trying to tell the world how smart my daddy is and how cool I am now that I am crawling all over the place! :)

Update on Abby #1

Okay, so I have been really bad about updating this . . . so here is part one of the update of what is going on with us! (My computer died so that is one of the many reasons why I have slacked!)

* At Abby’s six-month check up she was 15 pounds 3 ounces and 26 inches long. (She has grown 8 pounds 1 ounces and
 6 inches since birth, inch per month!)
* Abby was consistently sleeping through the night until the doctor gave her the six-month shots …. Now we have to work towards that again. The doctor has suggested putting a blanket with her in the crib. The blanket that Mommy and Daddy have chosen is the same type of material as her Mommy liked as a baby (the same texture as long johns). I am thinking about making my old beloved blankets square again and putting on a silky binding on it again so it can be used again.
* If you place Abby in a sitting position she will remain in a sitting position.
* She is working really hard at figuring out how to crawl. She can get on her hands and knees and even has figured out that the knees have to move forward, but the hands remain stationery, and if she moves them she belly flops! To get to her knees she’ll push up on her toes and do a little jump to her knees. Sometimes she also likes to raise her bottom up so that only her feet and hands are touching the ground then puts her head down so that she can see her feet. Her Daddy thinks that she is trying to figure out how to walk!
* She can roll and scoot to get where she wants to go. Her scoot/creep is kind of funny; she uses her right hand to pull herself forward while her left elbow is used to give leverage then she kind of lunges forward. (Usually this is done with her left hand in her mouth!)
* Abby is trying to add a little variety to her life and has been introduced to bananas, peas, apples, pears, squash, peaches, carrots and prunes as well as the rice cereal. She loves all of them, but, hates, not dislikes, but hates formula! She also enjoys little sips of water. She doesn’t like water from a bottle or a spill proof cup, is okay with it from a sippy cup, but enjoys it best from a big persons glass!
* Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Her visits have included visiting her friend Bryson (14 months old) in Minneapolis area so that Mommy and Daddy could go to the temple. Bryson tried to teach Abby how to crawl. He would get on his hands and knees by her, look at her, crawl a little, look back at her and seem to give the reassurance of, “Come on Abby, you can do it!” Abby would get on her hands and knees and do a wiggle but just hasn’t figured out how to get the hands to move without falling down!
* She has also had a Skype Talk time with Aunt Nicole and Uncle Joseph (they live in Rexburg, Idaho.)
* She had her six-month pictures and they are SUPER cute, we are going to have a really hard time determining what ones we want.
* Abby had a day that Claire, Daryn and Elise Thiel came to play, then three days that Elise came and played. She loved playing with Elise! Grandpa Jefferson was pretty jealous that his two girls were together and he was almost an hour away! Both Elise and Abby rank pretty high on the list of ones he loves to hold!
* Since Abby had so much exposure to children a little older than herself she has decided to be far more vocal! She is jabbering so much that Great Grandpa Bonney has started calling her Gabby Abby!
* Grandma Jefferson came to visit and watch Abby so that Mommy and Daddy could go out and celebrate their second anniversary! They thought the movie and meal were pretty awesome along with some one on one time together. Abby thought that the 1½ hour walk that Grandma and Abby took was pretty awesome!
*  On Saturday, August 11th Aunt Katie came up to Stevens Point to “kidnap” Christi & Abby. Abby was scared by that “big, active dog”who was just trying to give Abby kisses! Helios was okay when he was outside chasing a ball, but that was as close as Abby was comfortable with. After Grandma Jefferson was finished with seminary in-service she stopped in Coloma, had lunch with Katie & Christi then Christi & Abby traveled to Grandpa & Grandma’s home with Grandma. Abby was able to meet her look alike Grandpa Jefferson who goes by the name of Great Uncle Scott! (Having two Grandpa’s kind was confusing at first! She looked like she was trying to sort out if she was seeing double!) Abby was able meet Christi’s cousin, Josh Jefferson and his finacee Mary! I approve of his choice! He finally gave his approval of Roland (before Josh left on his mission he said that I couldn’t marry anyone without his approval! So, it is nice that two years and one child later that I have his approval!)
* Abby LOVES being outside! She enjoyed being on Grandpa’s lap driving on the golf cart! Yep, Grandpa is teaching her how to drive already!
* This month Abby’s visits have also included going to Grandma & Grandpa Jefferson’s home for several days, Great Grandma & Grandpa Bonney’s home, Great Grandma Jefferson, Great Aunt Toni & Great Uncle Rich’s home, * On her 28 weeks birthday, Abby celebrated by having a boat ride on Grandpa Jefferson’s boat! She LOVES it! 

Check out my baby blue eyes! This was the only way that I could get her not to be holding onto the circle! :) 
Can you believe it? I am six months old today! :)
27 weeks . . . how fast she is growing up!
28 weeks old and super excited about taking the picture because she can hold the circle again! :)